REsTaurant ConsultAtion

We help restaurants & food producers incorporate allergen conscious options into their menus. From vegan to gluten-free, specialized dietary needs are becoming the norm within the food production and restaurant industry.

Incorporating hemp based foods and CBD

infused into menu items is one of our specializations.


By having chef created dishes, a larger clientele base is attracted and all customers are left satisfied. Having an experienced chef with a specialty diet specialization assist with this is crucial for successful implementation. 

Consultation projects can be menu creation & development for new restaurants or consulting with established businesses who want to upgrade existing menu. 

~ menu research & recipe


~ how to incorporate allergen free

   menu items into existing menu       

~ how to make the menu changes    

   economically feasible, appealing

   to the masses, and easy to


~ recipe documentation for food

   prep & plating

~ staff training & guidance

~ vendor sourcing

~ pricing & cost analysis

~ how to incorporate hemp foods 

   and/or CBD infused into menu


for further details