In Food Processor

add the following ingredients:

3/4c dates, seeded medjool preferable

3/8c raw pumpkin seeds

3/8c raw walnuts

1T    milled flax seed

1T    extra virgin coconut oil

1T    raw cacao powder

1T    cacao nibs

1T    hemp protein flour

1t     maca powder

1t     vanilla (optional- not raw foods)

2T    raw agave nectar

Process for 3-4 minutes. Stop the machine several times and scrape down sides. Mixture is ready when it forms into a crumbly ball of dough. Place in refrigerator for 10 minutes to solidify.

To Make Truffles:

Roll 2-3T of mixture in hands to form a ball. Roll long enough to allow natural oils to form on outside of ball. Then place truffle into small bowl of coating. Roll truffle into coating mixture till covered. Push larger pieces of coating into truffle as needed. Refrigerate truffles before serving.

Truffle Coating Ideas:

powdered dried red raspberries

matcha powder

cacao powder

crushed hazlenuts

crushed pistacios

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