Hemp is a superfood with nutritional traits not found elsewhere in the plant world. The seed of the Hemp plant is  

100% protein rich with lots of culinary versatility. It is the seed which has been used as food by humanity for thousands of years.

It is a healthful powerhouse that activates the body's endocannabinoid system when eaten. It works well in healing diets such as paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and/or gluten free.

Hemp is used as an ingredient in the following ways:

~ ground whole hempseed flour

~ whole hemp seeds

~ hemp hearts (the inner seed)

~ pressed hempseed oil 

~ fan leaves (juiced or as a green)

There is NO THC or CBD in hempseed based foods. The fan leaves, however, do

contain small amounts of CBD.

Hemp is a superfood and you aren't gonna get high from it and you WILL pass a drug test. Hemp as a food is legal here in the United States. However, mass confusion arises because both Hemp and Marijuana (argued as a slang term, referred to here as THC heavy strains) come from the same Cannabis species, although they are genetically distinct and have differences in chemical makeup. Cannabis is an incredible herb that has a 8000 year plus history all over the world. We humans have been eating hemp as a food for a very long time.

Its' a major superfood and nourishes us at a deep cellular level. Your DNA knows what cannabis is and rejoices when we consume it in any shape or form.