specializes in creating deeply nourishing cuisine featuring plant based & gluten free ingredients.



~ Private Chef & Dessert Catering

~ Cannabanoid Infused Desserts

~ Infused Private Chef Service

~ Restaurant/Menu Consultation  ~ Hemp foods Education 

Sarah Gordon is a healing foods chef, recipe developer, and consultant based in Denver, CO. She creates Colorado Culture Cuisine with an emphasis on hemp foods and plant based ingredients. A strong belief in connecting with the earth and the medicinal powers of the plant world form the essence of every dish Sarah creates.

Her career began humbly with farmers markets, then owning and overseeing various food production companies,  to currently catering high profile events. She has been featured in Westword Magazine and Colorado

Public Radio News and her recipes published by regional publications, food blogs, and cookbooks. She owned & operated Tamales Especiales Kitchen, Denver's first hemp foods cafe.  Past clientele highlights include Governor Hickenlooper, Damian & Julian Marley, in addition to her presence at local activism  & educational events.

Sarah is also a life long Cannabis advocate. She worked in one of SW Colorado's first dispensaries immediately after Medical Marijuana became legal in 2009. Since then, she has gained years of experience within the MMJ & Hemp industry, most notably with edibles/infused foods recipe development & dessert catering.

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